The Brda wine region counts 2000 ha of vineyards on marl hills on the right side of the Soča river. This soil was 50 million years ago still under the sea and consists of thousands of tiny layers, created by mud and sand crawling undersea. Between these layers many shells were caught that during deep ploughing resurface. The soil is poor of organic particles, but is rich of minerals and salts, that the vines slowly absorb with their widely spread roots and store into their grapes.

The climate gives an important touch to the wine, since the effects of the Mediterranean and of the Alps meet in this land. In this way we produce wines with a rich body and a clear flower that are good young and fresh, but that also show all their beauty only after a few years of ripening in wooden barrels and finally in bottles.

Winemaking in these place is known already from Celtic-roman times, the current choice of wine varieties was finally completed in the last century and especially after the devastation caused by the phylloxera louse, which destroyed most of the vineyards in the second half of the XIX century. Rebula is the oldest variety that preserved the most and we reasonably call it Brda's authotonic variety.

It's's oldest naming is from the year 1336, the tokaj has slightly shorter national right, while verduc and pikolit have been here for a long time, but they are marginal varieties. Red rebula, or pokalca, was once very liked, but nowadays in our wine region no one grows it. We mostly keep producing variety wines, but more and more winemakers produce one or two blends as the rose of their production.

Typical brda white wines:
- Rebula
- Furlanski tokaj
- Chardonnay
- Beli pinot (Pinot Blanc)
- Sivi pinot (Pinot Gris)
- Sauvignon
- Cuvee, on the basis of rebula

Special brda white wines:
- Pikolit
- Verduc
- Wines from dried grapes

Typical brda red wines:
- Merlot
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Cabernet Franc
- Modri pinot (Pinot Noir)
- Cuvee, on the basis of merlot

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